“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

Brandon Noel

“Jessica Imperial is a very inspirational, hard working and loyal individual. I have know Jessica for years now on a personal level. Since working with her my outlook has broadened. Any task put in front of Jessica is done with speed and accuracy. From my experience it is very hard for a individual to get things done with speed and accuracy but she can do it and do it well. Jessica’s loyal personality, transcends in her day to day work, which allows a company to build around her. Lastly, her work ethic is impeccable. If Jessica Imperial is on your team you are guaranteed to reach new levels of success.” – Brandon Noel, CEO of Noel Enterprises LLC and Founder of Rezident Management Group

Dominique Hernandez

“Jessica Imperial defines the word inspiration. A true friend and mentor, she is someone genuinely committed to being her best. In being her best, she provides a quality of friendship that is unmatched. Jessica knows exactly who she is and will not compromise her integrity. With such a foundation, Jessica lives with value and is able to propel herself forward no matter the obstacle(s) set before her. She will candidly share her life lessons with you and will encourage you to share yours. Jessica is that friend who will make the time for you and actively listen to what you have to say. She recognizes and appreciates your value. Jessica is enthusiastic to learn and shows sincere interest in what motivates her friends, as well as business partners. She is a woman you can wholeheartedly trust and expect absolute honesty. As a mentor, she motivates others to maximize their potential by recognizing their strengths and developing their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Jessica’s enthusiasm and dedication for living life to the fullest has inspired many and I have personally had the honor to call her my “friend.” I know she has worked to build authentic relationships that she will work at maintaining and fostering growth– in herself, and others.” –Dominique Hernandez, Environmental Health Specialist

Mike Puente

“Jessica is one of the most intelligent and credible women I know. The love and loyalty she has for her friends and business partners is off the Top.. To lose a character like Jessica, whether as a friend or a business partner, is a great loss, as there are very few women like her. An intelligent, resilient, self-starter, and motivator generator she takes each step to the top in a humble and grateful manner, while unselfishly encouraging the people around her to do the same. With a keen sense of business unlike no other, she “attacks each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind” . If you don’t know Jess, get to know her. She is the most kind-hearted person I know. She forgives, she works hard, she gives more then she receives. But don’t mistake her kindness for weakness, it is true that she is far from being soft. If anyone has anything negative to say about Jessica, then something is definitely wrong with them. This independent woman has made a significant impact on the lives of many, many who will continue to vouch for her character in her absence.” – Michael Puente, Operations Specialist

Tashi Amaichigh

“Jessica Imperial has been a dear friend to me for over 15 years! I met her in high school when we were neighbors and her sweet, loving and fun personality won me over right away. Over the years we have moved farther apart in distance, however that same spark remains alive in her and keeps her in my life as a person I know I can rely on for advice, companionship, and of course a good laugh! I hold her dear in my heart, no matter how much time passes. She is truly one of those people you are seldom to meet these days: REAL. I admire her drive for success, but that she never stoops to slanderous behavior to get ahead. I wish her all the success she deserves in life & love!” –Tashi Amaichigh, RDA

“It’s truly been a pleasure working with Jessica everyday. Not only is she a sharp and intelligent individual, she is also very quick to lend me her assistance if need be. Jessica is definitely one who will be successful in all her endeavors!” – Julie Schlotterbeck, Accounting Specialist